An analysis of the different theories on the origin of the moon

Two PSI senior scientists, Dr. Stevenson concluded that the disk acted as a closed system with neither loss of material except for H and H2O or differentiation. Because the collision could have been more energetic than in the current theory, the material from Earth and the impactor would have mixed together, and both Earth and Moon condensed from the same material and therefore have a similar composition.

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Most models suggest that more than 60 percent of the moon should be made up of the material from Theia. What were some earlier ideas?

How Was the Moon Formed?

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The fate of the debris generated by an impactor after hitting a planetary body is governed by the r-1 gravitational potential Keplerian trajectory.

For the periapse to lie above the Earth: Current research and newly acquired data indicate that the estimates of the degree of volatile depletion might be incorrect due to the possibility of volatiles enriching the deep lunar interior.

By Nola Taylor Redd, Space. Late in the formation of the solar system came the "giant impact" phase, when hot planet-size objects collided with each other.

This theory failed because it could not explain why the moon lacks iron. The work is published Oct. Much of this work was pioneered by a Russian astrophysicist named V. According to this theory, first proposed years ago by George Darwin, after forming its core the early earth was spinning so fast that it formed a prominent bulge at the equator.

Painting copyright William K. If a theory about lunar origin calls for an evolutionary process, it has a hard time explaining why other planets do not have similar moons. It has played a central role in the making of annual calendars in Muslim, Jewish and other cultures; and was considered one of the gods in many pagan traditions.

New theory explains how the moon got there

Much of this work was pioneered by a Russian astrophysicist named V. Some of these results have been used by Hartmann to make the paintings on this web page, attempting to show how the impact would have looked to a human observer if humans had been around -- they didn't come along until 4.

A fraction of that debris went into orbit around the Earth and aggregated into the moon. However, in general the theory languished until when an international meeting was organized in Kona, Hawaii, about the origin of the moon.

Unfortunately the amount of mass available in this scenario over the Roche limit is far too little to form a sizable moon.

On the other end it appears that refractories such as aluminum, calcium, thorium, uranium and the REE are present in the Moon in concentrations up to 50 percent higher than in the Bulk Silicate Earth.There are three theories as to that Theia and the Earth shouldn't be as widely different as previously thought.

the moon. Although the co-formation theory and the capture theory. A New Theory for the Moon’s Origin. by Dr. Danny R. Faulkner on March 20, Share: Email Using: Gmail Yahoo! Outlook Other. Evolutionary scientists invoke a completely different scenario for the origin of the many other natural satellites in the solar system.

Why are there 5 theories on the moon's origin?

Supposedly, only the earth’s moon formed by glancing collisions with the. New theory explains how the moon got there Looking back in time to watch for a different kind of black hole "Moon origin theories are concocted in computers, not by watching them happen.

Oct 16,  · Why are there 5 theories on the moon's origin? Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution 3, +39, United States Baptist Married US-Republican. If science is so precise, why are there five different theories on the origination of our moon? They are: The Fission Theory; The Capture Theory s formation are based on observation.

The Different Theories Of How The Universe Was Created; The Different Theories Of How The Universe Was Created The scientific theories of the origin of the universe do sometimes have some scientific evidence but it can never be proven.

On the fourth day God created the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the earth, and to separate. Video: Formation of the Moon: Theories Explore the four major theories on the formation of the Moon. The theories include the fission theory, capture theory, condensation theory and giant impact.

An analysis of the different theories on the origin of the moon
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