Critical thinking skills in literature

Using this knowledge, students should be able to use their imagination and language skills to express themselves creatively. The students discuss and share their topics with their group members under your guidance.

Then they assign actors to perform the play to the school. The performance can be videotaped and played back to the class so that they can review it and improve upon it if necessary. College teaching, 53 141— Keywords Critical thinking, critical thinking skills, english literature, reader response theory, critical thinkers.

In other words, how different are they from the conventional?

Unit 5: Facilitating Critical Thinking through Literature

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Importance Of Studying Literature

Why does literature matter? In their groups, the students should pool their arguments and prepare a paragraph on their views, giving reasons for their decisions.

The Journal of General Education, 50 4— How do these effects compare with the effect the author hopes for? Metacognition and cognitive monitoring: Would your students enjoy reading them as well? Critical thinking has been part of discussion among the educators for its significance and application for last many decades.

In their groups, the students should pool their arguments and prepare a paragraph on their views, giving reasons for their decisions. Literature in Language Education. Informal Logic, 20 161— Think in terms of different types of readers, different historical situations, and then think about the possible effects.

Two passages that seem to conflict in their ideas and values. What, why, and how? American Psychologist, 34 10— Freeman, D. Working collaboratively, they should take ideas from each group member and include these in the new version, so that everyone contributes.

Who was this Betty, Trudy wondered. Perfection of thought can be achieved with the use of critical thinking skills while training of mind needs interaction between literary text and the reader as literature has the capacity to achieve mental traits specified to critical thinking.

Synthesis of research on critical thinking. American Psychologist, 53 4Halpern, D.

Reading literature helps develop critical-thinking skills

College teaching, 53 141— Participating in creative writing workshops Activity 3 Now that the students have had some practice in critical reading, they can build on their skills for more creative purposes.Moreover, literature can help students develop the critical-thinking skills many employers think are lacking in today’s college graduates before they even get to college.

Senior Miles Maxcer is the student council president at Moscow High School. Through literature study of researches on critical thinking, this paper gives an analysis of the present situation and existing problems of critical thinking cultivation in Chinese college English.

The Use of Critical Thinking Skills In Literary Analysis Celia Esplugas Margarete Lundwehr West Chester University ABSTRACT In this article, the authors argue that a successful class in literature should not merely confine itself to traditional classroom methodology in which students follow the teacher’s cues.

The second reason why it can be effective to enhance students’ critical thinking is the fact that literary work are closely related to life.

The nature of literature is claimed to be directly related with reality. From the literature it is clear that, although critical thinking skills are some of the most valued outcomes of a quality education, additional research investigating the effects of instructional factors on critical thinking performance is necessary (Tsui,).

Critical Thinking: A Literature Review. Educators have long been aware of the importance of critical thinking skills as an outcome of student learning. More recently, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills has identified.

Critical thinking skills in literature
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