Essays on the moral philosophy of mengzi

Book 5A Shun [a legendary emperor] had everything one might want except the affection of his parents. He throws in his two cents about learning literature because that is what all great scholars will tell you. Though religion seems to concern the thinker less than Confucis, and he believed that people were of the highest importance, the gods came second, still his interpretation of Confucianism is regarded as the orthodox version by some Chinese philosophers Richey.

This is doing the right thing for the right reason. His philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, and justice and sincerity.

Hobbes's Moral and Political Philosophy

Mencius also believed in the power of Destiny in shaping the roles of human beings in society. Integrating moral philosophies into business makes employers find lasting solutions to their businesses.

Instead of trying to build a systematic theory of life and society or establish a set of rites, he wanted his students to think deeply for themselves and relentlessly study the outside world, mostly through the old scriptures and by relating the moral problems of the present to past political events such as in the Annals or past expressions of feelings by common people and reflective members of the elite, as found in the poems of the Book of Odes.

Everybody possessed the natural access to moral values, which were bestowed upon him by Heaven, like kindheartedness renrighteousness yi "an instinct of what is right or appropriate"a need for ritual and etiquette liand knowledge zhi of what was good and bad.

Also, rituals were a way to try and limit the power of the ruler and emphasize his obligation to his people. Hsun Tzu, in opposition, believed that all human beings are born into a state of primitive evil. While more empirical, quantitative research is necessary to discern the direct effects of Confucian virtues in the grand scheme of moral psychology, the present work argues a logical plausibility for this model of moral psychology with face validity.

Mencius vs. Confucius

It is difficult to do justice to the richness of all the essays in this short review. As an expression, the idiom refers to the importance of finding the proper environment for raising children. This official would grow up in a system of being taught self- cultivation for the betterment of one's virtues by living modestly amongst those who did not.

Honesty or sincerity was not one of the four cardinal virtues, but nevertheless one important aspect of virtue or righteousness. Confucius, a great example of human excellence, uses himself as the ultimate model, rather than a deity or a universally true set of abstract principles.

Illustrate how moral philosophies can influence behavior and decision making. They were very poor. Tyranny, which demands results without proper warning. Likewise, bad environments tend to corrupt the human will.

Essay: Confucius and Moral Psychology

With these dilemmas at hand they have to come up with ethical issues that will enable them deal with such issues. Here it seems that Confucian virtues, specifically between li and yi, presents a potential model for moral cognition.

Similarly, all humans feel disdain, deference, and a sense of approval and disapproval. Book 2A All humans naturally have certain feelings that can develop into the cardinal virtues.

From then on the book Mengzi was part of the canon to be studied by everyone who wanted to pass the state examinations. These were the most important guidelines for government and had to be explained to a ruler first, in this instance King Hui of Liang.

Therefore moral philosophies are essential for every leadership in a business in order to make wise business decisions. All humans feel compassion, as illustrated by the thought experiment about the child near the well.

With Selections from Traditional Commentaries Indianapolis: The master said "Whoever could spread the five practices everywhere in the world can implement humanity.

He added components and gave others great emphasis.

Essays: Mencius

For example, businesses have decided to incorporate greener business practices to deal with these challenges. View freely available titles: Conclusion In conclusion, it is important to note that leaders are well guided if they have moral philosophies in place. Contexts and Interpretations Honolulu:On the intrinsic connection of human nature and rituals in Xunzi's moral and political philosophy, see Cua, Antonio S., Human Nature, Ritual, and History: Studies in Xunzi and Chinese Philosophy (Washington, DC: Catholic University of America Press, ) and Hagen, Kurtis, The Philosophy of Xunzi: A Reconstruction (Chicago: Open Court, ).

Author: John Ramsey Categories: Historical Philosophy, Ethics, Chinese Philosophy Word Count: Editor’s Note: This essay is the first in a two-part series authored by John on the topic of Mengzi’s moral psychology.

The second essay is here. Mengzi (Mencius) is known for his sophisticated views on human nature and moral psychology.

Confucian Moral Reasoning Essay

These essays explore a range of philosophical ideas at the core of his moral philosophy and relate them to both traditional Chinese and current Western philosophical concerns.

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Essays on the Moral Philosophy of Mengzi. Indianapolis: Hackett, “Moral Reasoning in Aristotle and Xunzi” in Journal of Chinese Philosophy, SeptemberJournal of Moral Philosophy, The Monist, Oxford Bibliographies Online.

Hsun Tzu's philosophy of governance, economics, and morality was considered to be a much more sound philosophy of Chinese thought because it relied upon sacrifice for the cultivation of a modest and well-schooled society.

Essays on the moral philosophy of mengzi
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