Explain methodology in research

If you decide to interview you will need to draw up an interview schedule of questions which can be either closed or open questions, or a mixture of these. Research methodology is the guidebook of research and is a science in itself. This is how scholarship grows and branches out into new intellectual territory.

Even the production of numbers is guided by the kinds of questions asked of the subjects, so is essentially subjective, although it appears less so than qualitative research data. This discussion includes describing the theoretical concepts that inform the choice of methods to be applied, placing the choice of methods within the more general nature of academic work, and reviewing its relevance to examining the research problem.

However, the interpretative group requires careful examination of variables because it focuses more on subjective knowledge. If your study involves interviews, observations, or other qualitative techniques involving human subjects, you may be required to obtain approval from your Institutional Review Board before beginning Explain methodology in research research.

This information is particularly important when a new method has been developed or an innovative use of an existing method is utilized. For additional information about how to write a strong research paper, make sure to check out our full research writing series!

This section is also usually the last to be finalized once you have finished your research because you would need to adjust the descriptions to 1 reflect any adjustments you made while conducting your research and 2 incorporate feedback from co-authors and reviewers.

Explain how you intend to analyze your results.


Don't avoid using a quantitative approach to analyzing your research problem just because you fear the idea of applying statistical designs and tests. Quantitative research methods Questionnaires Questionnaires often seem a logical and easy option as a way of collecting information from people.

In other words, readers should understand what you did, how you did it, and why you did it. The writing should be direct and precise and always written in the past tense.

If you decide to use interviews: Any preparations of subjects made before starting experiments. You will find that you will need to read all the comments through and to categorise them after you have received them, or merely report them in their diversity and make general statements, or pick out particular comments if they seem to fit your purpose.

What information should I include? Test subjects selection criteria and methods. In some cases, the IRB approval notice is included as an appendix to your paper. Groups of Research Methods There are two main groups of research methods in the social sciences: If you are conducting a qualitative analysis of a research problem, the methodology section generally requires a more elaborate description of the methods used as well as an explanation of the processes applied to gathering and analyzing of data than is generally required for studies using quantitative methods.

Palgrave Macmillan, ; Kallet, Richard H. How should I format the Methods section? On the other hand, research methodology explains the methods by which you may proceed with your research.We publish research to share new findings and increase our understanding of various subject matters.

research methodology

As we discussed in a prior post, when editors select an article to publish, one of the key factors they consider is your methodology.A research paper contains not only the results but also how you got the results and how you arrived at the conclusions you did.

Research methodology involves the researcher providing an alternative hypothesis, a research hypothesis, as an alternate way to explain the phenomenon.

The researcher tests the hypothesis to disprove the null hypothesis, not because he/she loves the research hypothesis, but because it would mean coming closer to finding an answer to a specific. The methodology may include publication research, interviews, surveys and other research techniques, and could include both present and historical information.


Observational research is a group of different research methods where researchers try to observe a phenomenon without interfering too much. Observational research methods, such as the case study, are probably the furthest removed from the established scientific method.

Definition of research methodology: The process used to collect information and data for the purpose of making business decisions.

Difference Between Research Methods and Research Methodology

The methodology may include publication research, interviews, surveys and other research techniques, and. Video: Research Methodology: Approaches & Techniques A research method is a systematic plan for doing research.

In this lesson, we'll look at the definition for a research method and examine the.

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Explain methodology in research
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