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Monday, July 2, As expected, the president signed a new space policy directive last week regarding space traffic management. Monday, February 5, Space centers often highlight the achievements of space programs, but what responsibility do they have to discuss tragedies and other setbacks?

Mackenzie argues that, in fact, these developments show how relatively unimportant space stations are.

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Emerging Space Markets New space applications, from constellations of broadband satellites to commercial missions to the Moon and Mars, are showing promise in the industry. Monday, January 8, NASA sees the light for the future of space communications As spacecraft become more advanced, and probe more distant parts of the solar system, communications becomes a weak link.

Tuesday, May 29, Last week, President Trump signed his second space policy directive, one addressing commercial space regulatory reform. Some of the content of TER might be accessed by me via hyperlinks which will connect me to third-parties, or to third-party websites that may provide content to TER.

Jeff Foust reviews a book that tries to argue for a purely capitalist approach to space exploration, cutting For review government out entirely.

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Monday, November 27, Earlier this month XCOR Aerospace filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, bringing a likely end to the suborbital spaceflight company. Monday, June 25, Commercial spaceflight has benefitted from the roles taken, and investment provided, by a handful of billionaires.

Monday, June 25, Still waiting on space tourism after all these years This week For review the 14th anniversary of the first suborbital spaceflight by SpaceShipOne, but space tourism, suborbital or orbital, has still failed to take hold. Monday, February 26, Launch failures: Mackenzie uses a recent essay to warn of the the potential of a backlash to their efforts.

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Jeff Foust reviews a book that goes into great technical detail about its complexities, from its development to the operations of the rover and its instruments on the Red Planet. Monday, November 27, International cooperation and competition in space part 2 In the concluding part of his analysis on the benefits and drawbacks of cooperation and competition in space, Cody Knipfer offers some examples of how such efforts would work on projects ranging from human missions to the Moon to greater engagement with China.

Doug Plata argues that the Falcon Heavy is better suited than the Space Launch System for lunar missions, as part of an architecture that makes use of vehicles from other companies and public private partnerships.

The Planet Factory As astronomers continue to discover new exoplanets, they open new questions about how planets, in our solar system and others, take shape. Over the weekend, Rocket Lab successfully launched its Electron small rocket for the first time, putting three cubesats into orbit.

Apollo Mission Control Preparations for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 are underway, including the restoration of the mission control room used for the mission.

I have read and fully understand the above agreement and revised Privacy Policy and certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct, and that this was executed on the date I press the "AGREE" button below. Jeff Foust reports on the changes made to the vehicle to improve its reusability and its reliability, even as the company looks ahead to the BFR.

Monday, June 4, Review: Monday, April 2, Unlicensed swarms in space Earlier this year an American company launched several small satellites despite lacking an authorization from the FCC.

Dwayne Day describes how Air Force officials, though, found themselves needing to justify that rationale from almost the beginning of the program. The quiet collapse of circumlunar tourism Last decade there was discussion of space tourism not just on suborbital spaceflights or trips to the International Space Station, but also around the Moon.

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Andre Bormanis says the filmmakers had to deal with the unique challenge of a movie about a man like Armstrong, resulting in a worthy film that is still somewhat disappointing.

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