Product design at ford case study

Justice and Fairness This promotes Justice as it considers all the interests of the stakeholders. However, Ford likely saw the bigger picture.

5 Product Designer Portfolios that Nailed Case Studies.

However, it is opined here that such legislation maybe inadequate. During all these years the company disclaimed any problem -- to consumers, to state government officials and to Ford. But somewhere in the process, "product stewardship" got lost as an all-encompassing term describing how we approach the cradle-to-grave impacts of the things we generate.

Ford and Firestone will also show concern to its employer-employee relationship with its distributors or agents and employees by showing them that their welfare are also considered. Consumers For the consumers, they will be able to exercise their rights for a safe product as deemed assumed in their contract with the companies.

Subsequently, there was collusion on the part of Ford and Firestone — having previously known of issues that occurred overseas.

While it can be said that safety can be assured, prices of goods may be unnecessarily high. Also, they will develop justice, by protecting the rights of the consumers and giving them the right for a just compensation.

We have enough reason to believe that both Ford and Firestone are liable in compensating the victims. In fact, within a year of introduction, lawsuits against Ford and Firestone were filed for tire failures that resulted in crashes and rollovers.

Product stewardship is a big-picture approach In recent years we have seen regulations call upon OEMs to better account for exactly where every individual part, product, or service behind their own products has actually come from.

Ford should solely compensate the victims and make modification on the design and make appropriate tire testing for the Ford Explorer Utilitarian In this course of action, Ford, the consumers who was affected by the accidents and those that are not will benefit from it.

Effective public safety will be promoted by Good each of the company. Thus, with this case at hand, the government being the representative of the collective thoughts of the people, enforce such regulations to safeguard the interest of the public.

Top company officials are kept informed about all lawsuits against the company, particularly when they accumulate concerning one problem. When lawsuits are filed against a company about a safety defect, the company organizes an internal investigation to assemble information and analysis about the allegations.

Government to fully regulate the tire industries and impose safety standards. Velasquez, Manuel, 6 ed. Since the accidents are Fairness not a fault solely by either party rather both companies has made a mistake of their own, sharing of the cost incurred will be fair for them.

Rights and Duties All rights of the actors are considered: Further cases were brought against Ford throughout the s, eventually resulting in the discontinuation of the Pinto line in the early s. Identify the possible liabilities of all major actors - Ford, Firestone, and the Government - in the series of accidents.

Product design case studies

Second, they will be able to exercise their duty to comply on providing products that are as safe as they would convey to the customers.

Virtue By working together, the virtue of unity reflects on Ford and Firestone.Product design portfolio, Product Design & Product development case studies. Much of our work remains confidential, here are some examples we can share.

The Ford Pinto was Ford Motor Company’s entrance into the subcompact car market in the s. With the rising popularity of imported Japanese and German vehicles, which were often smaller and more fuel efficient, beginning to push into the dominance of American automakers’ share of the market, Ford designed the Pinto as a viable alternative.

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Delegation strategies for the NCLEX, Prioritization for the NCLEX, Infection Control for the NCLEX, FREE resources for the NCLEX, FREE NCLEX Quizzes for the NCLEX, FREE NCLEX exams for the NCLEX, Failed the NCLEX - Help is here. Case studies for products developed by Design Concepts that included Industrial Design expertise.

A Case Study on the Ford and Firestone Debacle, sumbmitted in partial fulfillment of the course Lasallian Business Leadership and Ethics for the MBA Program of De La Salle University Manila.

Product design at ford case study
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