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Not all clubs are equal. Though I am guilty of failing to thoroughly check grammar in my descriptions so I guess I may be in the lazy category Because all of my thumbnail preview images are the same height, it is difficult to compare the relative sizes.

Reflection here might best be understood as evaluating how effective activities and strategies are to helping students to reach curriculum goals. As usual, all of the minerals sold last year were added to my Mineral Museum.

Do not hesitate - order your mineral gifts today. The new bulbs were supposedly from the same batch as the old bulbs, but their color was certainly NOT the same. Whole pyrite crystals formed They were fractured into segments Then all surfaces were coated with bornite Finally the crystal segments were frozen in matrix.

I hope this makes sense. They can never convey the complete beauty of a mineral. Acrylic storage boxes are OK. Vygotsky stressed that students need to engage in challenging tasks that they can successfully complete with appropriate help.

What a child can do alone and unassisted is a task that lies in what Vygotsky calls the zone of actual development ZAD.

George Hillocks, Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice

And the same is true in art and antiques. I routinely buy minerals from collectors that need to make space in the display case, or their focus has changed from when they first started collecting. And museum numbers are added to specimens.

Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice Quotes

It is important that the teacher gradually releases responsibility to the student until the task can be completed independently. The gray-metallic color of the coating is typical of chalcocite, not bornite.

For example, this year the Independence Day holiday on July 4 falls on a Tuesday, the day I update the site. Keeping radioactive specimens in Tupperware actually concentrates the radon in the container. I go to great pains to measure every specimen to accurately describe the size. If you have a better storage method, feel free to email me your suggestions and I will post them next week.

Someone give me a research grant! This is because ingesting or inhaling the dust from radioactive minerals is the biggest danger. Hillocks relies on his team of university students to evaluate their teaching strategies, and although few teachers today have access to similar resources, it is very common to form "professional learning networks" online to evaluate strategies.

When this is achieved, the strategy then enters the student's zone of actual development, because she is now able to successfully complete the task alone and without help and to apply this knowledge to new situations she may encounter.

The cotton fibers are impossible to remove from minerals, especially from hackly specimens like native copper. Scaffolding must begin from what is near to the student's experience and build to what is further from their experience.

I guess the 80 diamonds sold this year skewed the average higher. The mineral on the left appears larger and the one on the right appears smaller. I do not want to be one of those dealers Detailed localities became more appreciated.

Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice

One good reason for placing specimen quality first is because there are too many faked mineral provenances on the market. Collecting minerals purely for aesthetics is where we all start. If you are miner at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, having a diamond tester is valuable for determining if the crystal you found is a genuine diamond.

A pristine, undamaged mineral may be rare. But when buying from a dealer, that has tested the diamond before selling it, then a diamond tester is not required. It is difficult to anticipate these changes, and there is no sense in trying to time the currency market.

Number each specimen with a permanent number on the bottom and add a number to the corresponding label s.Aug 20,  · The Reflective Practitioner: Being One & Teaching Them too.

I was later introduced to the idea of teaching as a reflective practice (George Hillocks Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice. New York: Teacher’s College Press, ). In Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice,George Hillocks, Jr. starts with the basic assumption that writing is at the heart of education, and provides a metatheory to respond to the above question.

Hillocks explores “Reflective Practice” and argues that it requires an integration agronumericus.coms: 3. TEACHING WRITING AS REFLECTIVE PRACTICE (). George Hillocks Introduction. Writing is a recursive process that requires the reconstruction of text already written, so that what we add connects appropriately with what has proceeded.

In Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice,George Hillocks, Jr. starts with the basic assumption that writing is at the heart of education, and provides a metatheory to respond to the above question.

Hillocks explores “Reflective Practice” and argues that it requires an integration of/5(3). In TEACHING WRITING AS REFLEXIVE PRACTICE, George Hillocks asks, "What is involved in the efficient teaching of writing?" His book is his attempt to provide a metatheory that would be useful to secondary and college teachers of agronumericus.com: George Hillocks.

Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice George Hillocks, Jr. George Hillocks Jr.

George Hillocks Jr.

is a professor in the Department of Education and the Department of.

Teaching writing as reflective practice hillocks
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