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It was combination of geography and planning the death toll in the Maldives stands at just 80 in a disaster that claimed more than 1,50,00 from Indonesia.

Raised blocks get down and cause imbalance on the earth surface which inturn cause earthquake. At the point where its shock has been the most violent the sea is driven back, and suddenly recoiling with redoubled force, causes the inundation.

This is particularly true for water which always likes to form a nice flat surface. The earth sits on about a dozen tectonic plates.

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Infourteen countries were effected by a powerful natural event that launched a 98 foot tidal wave and killedpeople. In general, landslides generate displacements mainly in the shallower parts of the coastline, and there is conjecture about the nature of large landslides that enter the water.

To understand how earthquakes cause tsunamis we must first fully understand what causes earthquakes. Never use flammable things like matches, candles, or any other flame as they caught fire with broken gas lines.

And the push of saltwater into freshwater sources nearby can disrupt farming. Tsunamis reach coastal areas the quickest, landing enormous waves on the shore in a manner that can tear buildings apart and sweep people and vehicles away.

The energy is underwater and is not noticeable on the surface.

What is a tsunami?

Thus, the sea recedes in the drawback phase, with areas well below sea Whats a tsunami essay exposed after three minutes. As the waves approach the coast, their speed decreases and their amplitude increases.

Another reason of earthquake occurrence is isostatic adjustment. It can strip coasts of land, uproot trees, wipe out towns.

When a giant tsunami crushed fishing villages and tourist resorts across Asia became a reality the day after Christmas. Diseases can spread rapidly, and minor infections can quickly turn into major ones. Normal faults generally occur in the areas with extended crust, reverse faults occur in the areas with shortened crust and strike-slip faults occur in the areas where two fault sides slip horizontally.

Some of the earthquakes of low intensity become less dangerous however earthquakes having high intensity become very dangerous and can be extremely violent especially in the areas it occurs. For many of the people affected, they will never forget the terrifying ordeal of being caught in a tsunami.

Energy accumulates in the overriding plate until it exceeds the frictional forces between the two stuck plates. Without an earthquake I do not see how such an accident could happen. There were also people who were depressed because they had lost their home, their money or their business in the tsunami.

The drawback can exceed hundreds of metres, and people unaware of the danger sometimes remain near the shore to satisfy their curiosity or to collect fish from the exposed seabed. Tsunami is a set of ocean waves caused by any large, abrupt disturbance on the sea- surface. They flood areas quickly and have an energy that is often equivocated to the energy from multiple blasts of TNT.

Tsunamis are commonly generated by earthquakes in marine and coastal regions. They are caused by earthquakes, landslides, volcanic explosions, glacier calvings, and bolides.Essay on Tsunami, December 26th the disaster that was caused by the Tsuanmi, and it takes a look into its sociological persepctives.

On December 26, the world experienced the most devastating natural disaster to hit the Indian Ocean. Tides. Give equation for wave base and describe how it is measured. If a wave has a wave length of 30 m, what is the wave base depth?

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If 4 wave lengths pass a point in 2 minutes, what is the wave period? The Japanese word "tsunami" means "big wave," and it's the preferred way to refer to the phenomena that used to be known as tidal waves.

Tsunamis don't have much to do with ocean tides -- they are created by seismic events, such as earthquakes and landslides on the ocean floor. Sep 12,  · The effects of a tsunami are devastating.

They are one of the world's worst natural disasters that can hit a country. Tsunami damage is first caused by the immense force of the tidal wave hitting the shoreline.

Tsunami flooding then continues to Reviews: Feb 28,  · Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning 'harbour wave' that refers to a series of large ocean waves that hit a shoreline.

The word originates from Japan because this is the country where tsunamis are most agronumericus.coms: 1. Essay on Tsunami Asian Tsunami: Series of Waves Created. Asian Tsunami A tsunami is a series of waves created when lots of water, like an ocean, is very quickly displaced it can cause lots of destruction.

Whats a tsunami essay
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