Why marijuana should be legalised essay

Overpeople are arrested for marijuana a year.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

After 90 days, many of the monkeys started to die and the university reported that the monkeys had died from a mass dying of brain cells and they concluded that the consumption of marijuana destroyed the brain.

The legalization is not only predicted to do this, but will actually create a taxable industry and create thousands new legit job positions. Netherlands is the source of the biggest taboos on a worldwide level, starting from prostitution and euthanasia to same-sex marriages.

As you can see from a study published in the Lancet and reported on by the Economista team of drug experts in the U. Actually, the health benefits are one of the 3 reasons why marijuanas should be legal, according to the proponents of the idea. Another very good reason to legalize marijuana is how much it could save our government money, and maybe even make money out of it.

On the other hand, marijuana has been home-grown for thousands of years and is a sturdy plant, therefore easy to grow. Health is obviously a major concern for the government and that is why they might hesitate to legalize it.

From an industrial standpoint, hemp provides many advantages over a great deal of current resources that America utilizes. Balancing Risks and Benefits.

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The fact is, many people would outlaw fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, and tanning beds because of the harm they cause. In these times of uncertainty, we need jobs and we need more domestic industry, and hemp can accomplish both of those.

The fact is, marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as other drugs such as cocaine. Language has been amended to more precisely describe the study of drug harms in the U.

Argumentative Essay: Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Works Cited Head, Tom. According to this belief, smoking any substance can have a bad effect on the IQ, memory, problem-solving skills and increase the chances of mental illnesses.

Considering that the laws against marijuana did not make any specific change, it is safe to say that legalization will not increase the use of this drug greatly.

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized, an argumentative essay

As the methods for processing hemp into paper and plastics were becoming more readily available and affordable, business leaders including William Randolph Hearst and DuPont stood to lose fortunes. The public has gotten it into their heads that legalizing marijuana is the same as condoning it, which it is not.

The worst culprit is tobacco, with 30 percent of its users becoming addicted.Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Are you writing an essay or working on a speech or presentation about why marijuana should be legal?

If so, this page is for you.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

We get a lot of requests from students who say: "I'm working on a paper for school -- could you tell me why marijuana should be legal?" Well, here it is.

Why marijuana should be legal Essay “Should Marijuana Be Legal?” Garrett Phillips Prof. Ford GOVT PR1 October 17, The debate for the legalization of marijuana is a touchy subject for some, but is becoming more and more prominent and open in today’s society as old fallacies are proved false, and new discoveries prove this.

Essay: Should marijuana be legal? I believe that one of the main reasons marijuana should be legal is because of the way it was criminalized in the first place. In the years before the depression there was a significant growth of Mexican-Americans in the Western part of the United States as a result of the revolution in Mexico in Debate on why Marijuana should be legalized Marijuana is a public name for an illegal substance (drug) produced from the Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) plant.

It is. Jun 09,  · As a former marijuana consumer and current administrator for a marijuana activism website, I strongly believe that marijuana should be legalized for all uses.

Using marijuana for medicinal purposes is not a recent agronumericus.coms: 2.

This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

Jun 02,  · Marijuana use basically got smaller after it was legalized. Also, younger teens will use it. Parents will use it and give bad example to younger kids and teens, and parents will use it and become.

Why marijuana should be legalised essay
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